Steve Silber
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“Minor Acts of Dissonance Series” 2007-present

In this series of photographs, I mount various public sculptures, have people pose on the hoods of cop cars, shoot fireworks out windows into the air above busy cities, and other such harmless acts that cause minor interruptions of regular daily activity.

A manufactured sense of stability is created through our traditions and rituals. These apparatus, however, work in direct conflict with the very thing which has allowed our species to thrive. Unlike any other species before, we have adapted to survive beyond our physical limitations. This survivability is possible due to one essential and formidable human trait - ingenuity. Inventions are not made by those blindly accepting what is known; what is safe. Those who have brought light to our world through ingenuity have been revolutionaries, radicals unrestrained by the apparatus and not fearful of living outside of, if not in opposition to, the community myth.